GIC SafeMiles

Drive Safe rewards you with beverages/meals at Caffè Nero, Burger King, Taco Bell

Every driver that uses the Drive Safe App accumulates GIC Safe Miles, depending on how "good" and "safe" their routes are.

GIC SafeMiles are accumulated by: (a) Routes (b) Badges (c) Stars.

The more high-scored kilometres you drive, the more GIC SafeMiles you get. The more badges and stars you earn, the more GIC SafeMiles you collect.

Drive Safe drivers can redeem the GIC SafeMiles they have earned with Vouchers at Caffè Nero, Burger King and Taco Bell.  Use the Drive Safe App to convert GIC SafeMiles to electronic Vouchers, present them at the Caffè Nero, Burger King or Taco Bell shop cashiers and enjoy your favourite beverage/meal for free. So simple!

  • For a €3 voucher at Caffè Nero, you need 3,000 GIC SafeMiles
  • For a €5 voucher at Caffè Nero, you need 5,000 GIC SafeMiles
  • For a €5 voucher at Burger King, you need 5,000 GIC SafeMiles
  • For a €5 voucher at Taco Bell, you need 5,000 GIC SafeMiles

Click right below for the Voucher terms:

Drive safely. Earn GIC SafeMiles. Make the roads safer one kilometre at a time!

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All GIC SafeMiles earned by Drive Safe drivers since the introduction of Drive Safe (October 2018) through the end of January 2019 constitute the donation of General Insurance of Cyprus to the Oncology Centre. For every 1.000 GIC SafeMiles GIC donated one euro. In total, Drive Safe drivers collected 2.614.494 GIC SafeMiles which translate to a donation of € 2.615 to the Oncology Centre.

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