General Insurance of Cyprus offers Toyota Insurance

General Insurance of Cyprus, in collaboration with Toyota Cyprus, offers Toyota Insurance by providing three insurance Plans to all Toyota car-owners.

This new collaboration between General Insurance of Cyprus and Toyota Cyprus has already recorded positive results as it has been embraced widely by Toyota vehicle owners. Through a simple online process, General Insurance of Cyprus makes vehicle insurance an easy task: answer a few questions about you and your vehicle, get the cost and buy Toyota Insurance (the Policy is sent via E-mail).

The three insurance Plans offered are tailored to the needs of Toyota car-owners and include the Third Party Plus Web Toyota, Comprehensive Web Toyota and Comprehensive Superior Web Toyota.

The first two Plans include third-party liability cover, off-road driving, roadside assistance/accident care, loyalty discount and windshield coverage. Comprehensive Web Toyota additionally provides cover for the loss or damage of the vehicle by fire or theft and any other loss or damage to the vehicle.

Comprehensive Superior Web Toyota, the most privileged plan, includes, in addition to the above, loss of use of the vehicle for up to 15 days (for private vehicles only), cover against natural hazards, strikes, riots, loss of personal effects, personal accident of the Insured and/or spouse and replacement of the vehicle with new (for private vehicles only) as well as no claims discount after two Claims (only for vehicles belonging to private individuals).

Terms and conditions apply to all the Plans, based on the terms of the relevant Insurance policies.

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