“The relationship of trust we have with our customers is our most valuable competitive advantage”

An insurance company’s response to the vital human needs of employees, customers and associates is a strong sign of reliability.

Throughout the duration of the lockdown period, we at General Insurance of Cyprus (GIC) have been applying the highest levels of safety for our people. We immediately took all required actions and implemented strict hygiene protocols in our workplaces. Provisions for families with children and vulnerable people were taken into consideration, spacing changes were made, remote work and teleworking were introduced, all meetings were replaced by teleconferencing and video conferencing, and much more.


The adoption and gradual introduction of innovative tools and systems also extends to customer experience. At GIC we aim to not only improve the services we provide but to also create a complete digital experience that will cover the entire customer relationship with the company (from receiving an offer to paying for a claim or modifying coverage). The GIC Digital Transformation Strategy is built on the three pillars of self-sufficiency, transparency, and personalization. As an indication, by using web tools and mobile apps, customers will be able to easily, quickly and in a welcoming way, “build” personalized insurance solutions based on their choices, communicate and be informed, request changes and submit requests, make changes and payments, find information and data of their interest, submit claims and monitor the process in real time.

We confidently place our emphasis on processes that make us even more competitive in the Cypriot market. We have simplified our operating model and invested further in the digitization of our main processes. Customers now have more access and multiple options in serving their needs. We have intensified the processes of training our people, as the relationship of trust we have with our customers is our most valuable competitive advantage.

Within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, and in collaboration with the Road Safety Council and NGO Reaction, GIC supports the largest road safety training program in Cyprus called “I drive safely”. Our goal is to help our fellow citizens –and especially young people– pay attention to responsible and safe driving through comprehensive training.