General insurance of Cyprus presents Toyota insurance

General insurance of Cyprus presents Toyota insurance

General Insurance of Cyprus have been selected by Toyota Cyprus to present Toyota Insurance offering three Motor Insurance Plans to Toyota owners.

The purpose of this new partnership is to offer 360ο service to all existing and new Toyota owners, fully satisfying their needs, from the first day they enter the Toyota family.

The three Insurance Plans offered by General Insurance of Cyprus are tailored to the needs of Toyota owners and include the Toyota Insurance Third Party Plus Web, Comprehensive Web and Comprehensive Superior Web Plans.

The first two Plans include third-party liability Cover, off-road driving, roadside assistance/accident care, loyalty discount and windshield Cover. Toyota Insurance Comprehensive Web additionally provides Cover for loss or damage to the vehicle from fire or theft and any other loss or damage to the vehicle.

The Toyota Insurance Comprehensive Superior Web Plan includes, in addition to the above, loss of use Cover, natural hazards, damage from strikes and riots, loss of personal effects, personal accident of the insured and/or spouse, and replacement of vehicle with new.

Terms and conditions apply in all the above Plans, based on the Policy Wordings.

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