Because of Covid-19 I am currently working from home – does my Home Insurance Policy provide cover for damage or loss resulting from any activities related to working from home?

Our Home Insurance Policies do not usually cover damage or loss resulting from work- related activities – however, our Company has decided to extend all Home Policies to cover such damage or loss until end May 2020, provided that the professional activity is restricted to office work

If you have “Contents Insurance”, this could be extended to include cover for any office equipment you own and use from home, up to €2.000 provided that such equipment is declared and included in your Policy. If the value of such equipment exceeds €2.000, please contact us on 8000.87.87 in order to evaluate your insured amounts.

Due to Covid-19, I have been quarantined or am unable to travel home from abroad and therefore my home may be left unoccupied for a period longer than the days stipulated in my Policy. Will my cover still apply?

Yes – if you have been unable to return to your home as a result of Covid-19 (e.g. due to enforced quarantine, travel restrictions/cancellations, self-isolation), then this limitation of days on your Policy will be hauled up to the end of May 2020.