Have your operating hours changed?

Our operating hours have temporarily change  to Monday - Friday from 7.30am - 2.30pm. 

I need to file a Claim and can’t get through to you. Could you assist me?

We are experiencing high call volumes during this time. You may:

I need to make a change/modification to my Policy and can’t get through to you. What should I do?

You can:

  • Contact us at 8000.87.87 (22 128787 if you are calling from abroad).
  • Send us an E-mail (telefthia@gic.bankofcyprus.com) with your contact details and one of our customer service officers will contact you the soonest possible.
I repay my Policy in monthly instalments and I’m struggling to make the payments. What will happen to my Cover?

We have temporarily adopted a more flexible approach towards the Cancellation of Policies. Please contact us in order to provide you with alternative solutions.

I have received my Policy renewal documents and I wonder if I can renew my Policy for less than a year?

Yes, this is possible. Contact us so that we can recommend a solution that works for you.

My premium is payable in a single instalment, but I am facing financial difficulties. Can I pay in more than one instalment without this affecting my insurance premium?

Yes. Call us on 8000.87.87 and change your repayment method to 10 monthly instalments (by setting up a direct debit instruction with your bank).