How a simple equation helps deal with natural disasters.

With the aim of teaching children how to deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster, we are supporting the organisation Reaction which has created the DEMOCRITUS programme in cooperation with relevant government bodies (Civil Defense, the Cyprus Police, the Fire and Ambulance Services and the Forestry Department). The goal of the programme is to promote a culture of safety to children as well as to the wider population, as natural disasters are a part of life and we need to be sufficiently prepared to manage them. Unfortunately, there is no warning given or time to prepare when natural disaster strikes.
Linos Ermogenides, GIC’s Marketing Manager, stated during the presentation of the programme:
“The financial cost of these phenomena is estimated at hundreds of billions of euro and, of this, half has been compensated for by insurance companies. Payments from the insurance sector have helped rebuild economies after disasters, easing as much as possible a smooth return to normal operations. And although this is the role of insurance companies in the economy, our responsibility towards our fellow human beings demands and dictates that we be much more than that.
Through this sponsorship and as part of its social responsibility programme, General Insurance of Cyprus wants to spread the philosophy of Democritus. To send the message that prevention is better than cure.”
“Democritus” includes interactive training workshops, informative lectures, educational competitions, events at shopping centres and many other activities.
The presentation took place on October 3rd at the GC School of Careers Primary School and Nursery. Afterwards, students from the GC School of Careers participated in the 1st Interactive Training Workshop and were joined by all the government services involved in dealing with natural disasters.
Among other things, the students learned that the number to dial in emergencies is (1+1=2) 112.

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