Insurance for the things you love

You love everything you’ve worked hard for, the things that make life easier, more pleasurable, and more beautiful. You adore your car, that’s why you’ve even given it a name! You love every kilometer you drive in it. You love travelling, that’s why, when it’s time to come home, you make sure you bring with you some small, symbolic souvenirs to remind you of all those special moments. You love your home, that’s why you want every detail in it to be perfect – everything to be exactly as you dreamed it would be.

We get you.

That’s why at General Insurance of Cyprus we offer you the most reliable insurance. Insurance for the things you love. Because we know that whatever is of emotional significance to you is important, and whatever is important to you is important to us too. That’s why you choose to insure them.

Select the insurance plan which best meets your needs and benefit from the immediate service, reliability and prestige which are part and parcel of choosing insurance from General Insurance of Cyprus.

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General Insurance of Cyprus is the choice for you.

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