Comprehensive Yacht Insurance Plans.

Choose the insurance plan which covers every trip in your yacht.

Yacht Insurance

We cover

Covers accidental loss or damage of the craft including the engine, personal items and other equipment from:

  • Sea risks
  • Fire 
  • Discharge
  • Earthquake, lightning
  • Theft
  • Explosion
  • Malicious damage
  • War, terrorist actions, strikes, uproar

Political disorder

  • Covers the legal liability of the owner for the compensation of third persons who have sustained damage or injury deriving from or related to the craft.
  • Rescue Expenses.
  • Refloating, removal or destruction of shipwreck.
  • Legal expenses.
Aimed at
  • Owners of pleasure crafts.
  • Builders / importers of leisure craft.

Certainty and security that in case of accident the Company will undertake the rectification of damages and the compensation of third persons.

Genikes Insurance is the choice for you

  1. Comprehensive Plans
  2. Reliable Insurance
  3. Fast Service

Yacht insurance covers the raising, removal or destruction of a wreck.

General Insurance of Cyprus is the choice for you.

Comprehensive Plans

You can choose between many insurance options.

Reliable Insurance

For 4 years now we’ve been the number one preferred choice for people taking out insurance.

Fast Service

Following damages, we handle Claims directly and effectively.

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