Stay Safe

We stay safe

During this hardship, the health and safety of our staff and clients is our top priority and to that effect we are taking every measure we can to face COVID-19.
We urge our clients to limit their movements, always in accord with Ministry of Health directions, so that they protect themselves, their families and all those they encounter.

Preventive measures at our branches:
o We are managing customer flows within our branches implementing Ministry of Health instructions. Additionally, we are restricting service to two customers per officer. Complying with Ministry of Health instructions, we shall not exceed the limit of one person per 8 square metres, including employees.
o We have placed special protective screens on service desks.
o We are stepping up daily cleaning across all our premises.
o We have placed antiseptic gel dispensers for customers at all branch entrances.
o We made latex gloves available to staff who may wish to use them. We note, though, that according to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, the use of gloves on its own is not adequate protection nor a substitute for the regular washing of hands as part of observing basic personal hygiene.

Internal measures:
o A dedicated page has been designed on our employee portal, where staff can get daily updates on developments and regarding the implementation of Ministry of Health instructions.
o We have encouraged the use of remote work and applied flexible working arrangements.
o Enhanced measures relating to trips and movements.
o All staff meetings now take place via teleconferencing.
o Placed antiseptic gels at all branches/departments, and instructions on strict observance of personal hygiene.
o Cancelled all mass gatherings in closed spaces.
o Suspended all social functions/activities and seminars.

Service from home #stayhome
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