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Public Liability Insurance

Choose the insurance plan which suits your business.

We Cover

Covers the legal responsibility of the insured to third parties for accidental bodily injury, loss or damage to property which arises from and is directly related to his/her occupation.

Aimed at
  • Shops, hotels, industries, small workshops and generally businesses that transact with the general public.
  • Self employed / independent professionals (lawyers, architects, accountants, building contractors).

Release from the uncertainty of the economic repercussions of an accident on the viability of a business.

General Insurance of Cyprus is the choice for you.

  1. Comprehensive Plans.
  2. Reliable Insurance.
  3. Fast Service.

Public Liability Insurance covers freelance professionals such as lawyers, architects, accountants and contractors.

General Insurance of Cyprus is the choice for you.


Comprehensive Plans

You can choose between many insurance options.


Reliable Insurance

For 4 years now we’ve been the number one preferred choice for people taking out insurance.


Fast Service

Following damages, we handle Claims directly and effectively.

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