Handling a complaint

1. On submitting a complaint

Once a complaint has been submitted via the designated complaint form, you will receive an automated response acknowledging receipt.

On receiving your complaint we will immediately, and no more than two working days later, send you a Notice of Receipt of Complaint with a Reference Number for your complaint. Please use this number code in future communications.


2. Investigating a complaint

Once we have received your complaint we will forward it to the appropriate Bank of Cyprus department or service for further investigation. Depending on the nature and particulars of the complaint, we shall endeavour to find ways of resolving the issue and propose these to you as soon as possible.

We are aware that certain complaints may take more time to investigate and resolve. In such a case we will keep you updated on what actions we are taking.


3. Resolving a complaint

Once a complaint has been investigated we will contact you, via your chosen channel of communication, providing the proposed solution.


4. If you are not satisfied

If you are an individual or legal entity or charitable organization or trust or you meet any of the definitions of ‘consumer’ as described in the related legislation and you are still not satisfied with our proposed solution and/or the actions we took to resolve your complaint, or if three months have passed since the date of the Notice of Receipt of Complaint and you have not received a response, you have the right to submit your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman within four months.

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