General Apartment Buildings Insurance - Bank of Cyprus Country
General Apartment Buildings Insurance
  • Covers loss or damage to the insured property (apartment building) caused by fire, smoke, lightning, hurricane and storm, flooding, earthquake and volcanic eruption, aeroplane crash / impact by vehicles, explosion, strike, riots, political and labour unrest, malicious damage, water or fuel leakage, damage to the building / improvements required following burglary, falling trees or branches.

  • The insurance can be optionally extended to cover public liability, employer's liability, reinstatement value, inflationary building protection, bush and grass fire, short circuit, outdoor areas / articles in the open, building renovation / extension works and contractors’ public liability.


Target Market

  • Owners or apartment buildings management committees with a total sum insured of up to € 5.000.000 and a maximum number of 10 employees.



  • Peace of mind and assurance that if damage occurs there will be sufficient funds to repair the damage.

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