Corporate Social Responsibility

General Insurance of Cyprus recognises that the success and financial health of organisations and businesses should contribute to the well-being of the society in which they operate. Corporate profits should be in step with the benefit to society as a whole.  It is for this reason and with this philosophy in mind that General Insurance of Cyprus undertakes socially responsible corporate activities.


General Insurance of Cyprus has drawn up a Corporate Social Responsibility action plan and supports initiatives to provide for society, in particular government efforts to raise awareness in the areas of health and safety. We cooperate with government departments, private, non-profit and other organisations, contributing to the implementation of ambitious and worthwhile projects such as the European Road Safety Charter and road awareness.


We work with the Police Traffic Department to organise various events aimed at preventing traffic accidents and raising public awareness. At the same time, as part of its participation in the European Road Safety Charter, General Insurance of Cyprus is implementing a road safety action plan, including educational and information programmes on driving correctly and responsibly.

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